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SpankinMonkees "TreeHouse" !!
Spankies Arch Rivals

My Pals.. 

Now don't let these kind faces fool ya!! These guys have been chasin Spankie clear back to Seti,Genome,Distributed Folding!! Words don't discribe the clever,cunning plots these two can muster as they try to catch and Spank Spankie!! The one on the left is known thru the D'C Projects as Spankin_Partier "One bad dude" and smart as a tack,best darn grapher there is....the other on the right is JaySeeBee "JC"...hes a stats wizard and supports Major "Spankin Power" !!Don't believe me?? Just click on the link down to the right. Put a big Molson in each of thier hands and Spankie runs for cover..BIG GRIN!! They are my pals and keep me on my toes...they want to Spank me good!!

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               Spankin_Partier                                                          JaySeeBee

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